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One Source is ready to be your storage and fulfillment go-to. We provide service at economical prices for small, medium and large businesses with swift turnaround. The trusted staff in our warehousing space will take care of all processing, packaging, and shipping for your orders of all sizes.


Order Fulfillment

One Source is here to provide a solution for all of your fulfillment needs. To some, it's as simple as stuffing a letter into an envelope and mailing it…to Walmart it meant sorting 28 different sleeping bag samples for 3,000 different stores. Over 46,000 bags had to be received, sorted, kitted and shipped out to the correct store. Was it way. But it was an important and worthwhile project that got done right. 

Storage Solutions

Along with fulfillment, there is the customer who wants to buy 1,000 water bottles to take advantage of a lower price but doesn't have the room to store them until they are all used. We can handle that too. Using our proprietary Printmaxx software, we can help you manage that inventory and get it shipped out over time as you need it.

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